Is the water at risk of being polluted by hexavalent chromium?

The City’s water supply is deep underground at nearly 1,200 feet. That is supplemented by imported water from the Metropolitan Water District that most typically comes from the Colorado River or Northern California. In all such cases, the likelihood of hexavalent chromium entering the water supply is very low.

The water is tested for hexavalent chromium levels every three years as part of the Federal water quality standards. At no point in the history of testing Paramount water supply has hexavalent chromium been found above acceptable trace amounts. However, in light of recent events related to hexavalent chromium emissions and out of an abundance of caution, the City is testing hexavalent chromium levels in the City’s water supply more frequently to ensure the water supply is not being impacted by hexavalent chromium emissions.

Test results from December 2016 are posted on and can be found here: Hexavalent Chromium Test Results.

Update 9/14/17: The City has been testing its water supply for hexavalent chromium on a monthly basis since December 2016. Test results for each month, which have shown that there is no danger from hexavalent chromium in the supply, can be found on the Hexavalent Chromium Test Results page.

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