CLAIM: The City needs to install air-purification devices into the classrooms.


The City does not have jurisdiction over the Paramount Unified School District (PUSD). The District is its own legal entity with its own controls and authority. Further, school district lands across California are subject to control and oversight of the State of California, Division of State Architect and not the City. The City does not have authority to require or dictate how and what the Paramount Unified School District does with their land or buildings.

The City has encouraged SCAQMD to install air monitors at the schools in Paramount Unified School District, and the Schools have allowed that to happen. The monitors will be eventually used at each campus to test the air. Results of the testing can be found on the SCAQMD website here.

Further, a PUSD representative is participating in the Air Quality Sub Committee and providing perspective and insights from PUSD.

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