CLAIM: The City has known about pollution in the air for years and done nothing about it.


The first the City learned about elevated levels of hexavalent chromium was when a reporter called the City seeking comment on a press release from the South Coast Air Quality Management District about elevated levels of hexavalent chromium being detected in the community.

Prior to that, the City had attended and monitored hearings and procedures related to Carlton Forge that started in 2013 and lasted through 2016. At those meetings, SCAQMD presented data on elevated metals in the air and developed a plan with Carlton Forge to address those air quality concerns. In presentations provided by SCAQMD at those meetings, elevated hexavalent chromium levels were never expressed as a significant concern, however they were elevated enough to warrant additional monitoring in the industrial sector of the city. SCAQMD charts showing average hexavalent chromium readings for years 2013, 2014 and 2015 indicated that hexavalent chromium levels near the normal ambient levels of hexavalent chromium in the area (as measured by the SCAQMD monitor in Compton, CA).

Hexavalent Chromium History for Site #2

Hexavalent Chromium History for Site #3

The data on these charts was presented to the City and community at a SCAQMD town hall meeting in August 2016.

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