CLAIM: Paramount’s water supply contains 1,195 times the safe amount of arsenic.

FACT: The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a national non-profit environmental group whose goal is to convince the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to lower the safety thresholds for certain natural and unnatural compounds found in water. As such, EWG has created a database listing what they feel the new standards should be for the safe levels of these compounds. That is where the arsenic figure for Paramount comes from. Many water-quality experts, however, feel EWG’s standards are deeply flawed and unrealistically low, and that current regulations are scientifically based to reflect permissible levels. The City of Paramount’s water supply is tested constantly and continually meets all State and Federal regulations. With arsenic, specifically, California’s Drinking Water Division limits it to 10 parts per billion, and Paramount’s water has less than eight parts per billion. For any questions regarding water quality in the City, please call (562) 220-2020.

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