CLAIM: Hexavalent Chromium levels have not dropped, and there were recently spikes (Spring of 2019) in the detected levels.

True and False.
Hexavalent Chromium levels have dropped off significantly since the AQMD established a network of air monitors and started taking enforcement actions on identified pollution sources in 2016. Extensive data about this progress can be read and seen here:
Data fluctuates on Hexavalent Chromium emissions, and there were some temporary increased levels detected in May 2019; those levels quickly fell off again. All the data from AQMD can be found here:
While the long-term trend is a dramatic reduction in Hexavalent Chromium emissions-detection levels, the City has actively pushed for sustained and ongoing monitoring to ensure public health – including applying for community monitoring under the AQMD’s AB 617 program. This is one reason that the City purchased air monitors and placed them in key locations at the direction of AQMD, so City monitors can sustain monitoring well into the future.

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