CLAIM: City denied soil testing in the City by the State.


The City of Paramount was approached by the Department of Toxic Substances (DTSC) in 2013 to execute soil testing in Village Park. The City, at the direction of the prior city manager, asked the DTSC to first test across the street (in a parkway at the southwest corner of Illinois/Somerset) where the work would be less intrusive than inside the park. The City further instructed DTSC that, should the soil sample be contaminated, the City would work with DTSC to access Village Park for further testing. The City never heard back from DTSC. In 2015, DTSC subsequently requested to test the soil in Village Park and the City agreed to work with DTSC, but first requested that DTSC provide a plan of when, how and who would do the testing, including outlining ownership of any damage done during the testing. The City never heard from DTSC until the issue re-surfaced again at a community meeting in November of 2016. At this meeting, the City immediately agreed to conduct soil testing.

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