Are there other sources out there that could cause a spike in hexavalent chromium?

SCAQMD is conducting a systematic air monitoring program throughout Paramount to determine if there are other sources of hexavalent chromium emissions. SCAQMD also will be monitoring for a wide range of metal emissions in selected industrial areas.In addition to this, SCAQMD is monitoring in residential areas and at some schools. Lastly, for long-range monitoring, the City is planning to purchase air monitors to be set up and tested by SCAQMD. Details on that program are still pending, including details on the costs of the program and effort.

Update 9/14/17: After detecting elevated levels of hexavalent chromium in Paramount and taking actions to lower them, SCAQMD widened their monitoring efforts to the nearby cities of Compton and Long Beach. As a result of this regional approach, SCAQMD detected elevated readings being emitted from Lubeco Inc. (6859 Downey Avenue) in Long Beach. Although Lubeco is located in north Long Beach, the facility is close to the city borders of Paramount and near Paramount’s Mokler Elementary School and Alondra Middle School. Lubeco utilizes chromic acid anodizing. SCAQMD filed a petition for an order for abatement against the company on July 21.

The discovery of these high cr6 numbers in Long Beach, along with a general increase in cr6 levels throughout Paramount from July 12 through 18, plus recent findings in Compton, suggest a regional trend rather than a localized one.

In an effort to monitor for any spikes, the City purchased and deployed five new air quality samplers in May 2017, aided by the expertise of SCAQMD. The devices are currently supplementing the agency’s network of active monitors for identifying sources of hexavalent chromium emissions.

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