Are hexavalent chromium levels in Paramount consistently and currently at 350 times above the typical level for our area? Have these levels been found throughout the entire City?

No and No. In late October/early November, the highest levels of hexavalent chromium were found within three samples taken from two air quality monitors in the industrial section of town. Since then, hexavalent chromium levels at these locations have declined, but still are much higher than typical levels for our area. Further, other monitors in the industrial zone continue to be at unacceptably elevated levels for our area.

Additional sampling from around town indicate that the extremely elevated levels of hexavalent chromium are limited to a tight area within the industrial zone. Regardless of location, any elevated level of hexavalent chromium or other toxins are unacceptable. SCAQMD has continued to test additional sections of the City to ensure elevated hexavalent chromium levels are geographically limited. The City will also be looking at further testing options to confirm that high levels are not being detected in residential zones while supporting regulatory authorities to reduce hexavalent chromium sources no matter the zone.

Update 9/14/17: Elevated levels of hexavalent chromium have been found in southern Paramount. However, these levels are not at 350 times the typical level of 0.11 ng/m3 for our area. SCAQMD is currently investigating the source of these levels and will implement similar rules and procedures to lower emissions.

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