SCAQMD Announces Postponement of Public Conference Calls

Beginning in November 2016, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) has held informational conference calls with the Paramount community to provide updates on air quality and related topics. During the January 23, 2018 call, SCAQMD announced that these calls would be postponed until further notice.

SCAQMD began hosting the service in order to better inform the public about their work in the City and their collaboration with City staff to address the elevated levels of hexavalent chromium. Each AQMD department provided updates, ranging from monitoring to compliance and engineering. This was followed by time for answering questions from the community.

Over the past year, SCAQMD has been steadily decreasing its heavy involvement in Paramount in an effort to expand monitoring and research throughout the southeastern Los Angeles County region. Significant progress has been made toward lowering the elevated readings within Paramount; further, SCAQMD is now utilizing experience gained from working within the City to adequately address similar issues in nearby areas, including Compton and Long Beach.

Due to its progress in curtailing emissions over the year, SCAQMD staff had fewer notable updates to provide to the Paramount community. The calls were downshifted from once a week to twice a month, then to the fourth Tuesday of each month. With the latest call following the trend of no significant items to report, SCAQMD announced its intention to discontinue the calls, promising to reconvene if noteworthy situations or decisions needed to be shared with the community.

However, though the calls will be discontinued, SCAQMD will continue to partner with Paramount and its community through monitoring and research. Additionally, concerned residents can reach out to SCAQMD via email at or by calling 1(800)CUTSMOG if experiencing any odors or irritation from the air.


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