Paramount Unified Provides Update on Environmental Testing in Classrooms

During the October 16, 2018 Paramount City Council meeting, officials from the Paramount Unified School District (PUSD) provided an update on environmental testing performed in its classrooms over the past year. The District began the testing to assure the best indoor air quality in schools.

PUSD School Board President Linda Garcia reported that the District completed three waves of indoor air testing. The third round of testing was done in partnership with the L.A. County Department of Public Health (DPH). DPH had chosen to implement a joint-testing process, using a unified set of samples and labs.

The results indicated that no airborne hexavalent chromium was detected inside any of the classrooms during the days of sampling. Based on the data collected to date, observations, and measurements, in terms of potential exposure to hexavalent chromium, the classrooms are safe to occupy and for continuous use with an air handler in operation during all periods of occupancy.

PUSD told the City Council that they will continue to collaborate with regulatory agencies, elected officials, parents, staff, and students, and to operate in a transparent, responsible, and open manner to provide the most recent and relevant information possible.

The PUSD air quality information page can be accessed at

To watch the full presentation at the City Council meeting, please see the video below. The meeting agenda can be viewed via this link.

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