Paramount Ramps Up Parking Lot Sweeping and Cleaning Requirements

The City of Paramount has instituted new rules aimed at decreasing litter pollution that require property owners or occupants with parking lots to increase sweeping and cleaning efforts.

All parking lots must be completely swept and kept free of debris at least weekly, and parking lots serving restaurants and swap meets must be completely swept each day they are open for business to the public.

“Paramount residents and business owners take great pride in our City,” said Mayor Peggy Lemons. “Ensuring parking lots in Paramount are clean and litter-free is one way that we can show that community pride, while also helping protect our environment.” 

In addition to regular parking lot sweeping, the ordinance requires the following:

  • No dumping of any chemical, fuel, animal waste, garbage, batteries or septic waste may occur in areas with potential discharge to city streets or the storm drain system.
  • Runoff from landscape irrigation, air conditioning condensate, water line flushing, foundation/footing drains, individual residential car washing, dechlorinated swimming pool discharges and sidewalk washing must be conducted in a manner not in violation of other provisions of Paramount’s Municipal Code. 
  • Runoff from washing paved areas is prohibited unless specifically required by federal, state, or local health or safety codes and not in violation of any other provision of Paramount’s Municipal Code. Runoff from authorized washing of paved areas must be minimized to the extent practicable. 
  • Any objects or unsealed receptacles containing hazardous materials must not be stored in areas exposed to storm water or otherwise susceptible to runoff. 
  • Any machinery or equipment being repaired or maintained in areas exposed to storm water or otherwise susceptible to runoff must be provided with containment areas to control leaks, spills, or discharges.
  • Areas adjacent to a parking lot, including but not limited to planters, loading and unloading areas, and surrounding public rights-of-way, must be maintained free of debris and litter by sweeping and other equally effective measures. Such debris and litter must be collected and properly disposed of in compliance with all applicable local, State, and Federal regulations.

For additional information, you can view the ordinance in full. You can also refer to the City of Paramount Municipal Code online.


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