Paramount Proactively Analyzing PFAS Treatment Options

The City of Paramount is assessing options for treating water for the removal of manmade chemicals known as “PFAS,” following the detection of minuscule amounts of PFAS in Water Well 14 in February 2020. 

PFAS is an abbreviation (which stands for “per- and poly-flouroalkyl substances”) used to describe a group of chemicals commonly found in consumer and industrial products, such as non-stick cookware and fire-fighting foams. Water Well 14 has been inactive since February 20, 2020, due to the detection of PFAS at an average of level of 7.9 parts per trillion (ppt) – or about 8 drops of water in 20 Olympic-size swimming pools put together

The PFAS testing conducted over a year ago was a voluntary step taken by the City. Based on the results, the concentration levels did not pose a significant health risk and the City was not required to shut down Well 14. However, Paramount decided to take Well 14 out of use, and the well continues to be offline.  

The City has since hired a specialist, Hazen and Sawyer, to analyze several technologies proven to remove PFAS from drinking water, including activated carbon, ion exchange, and reverse osmosis. As part of the research, Hazen and Sawyer are analyzing the feasibility of each potential solution. 

“The City is being proactive to research PFAS treatment options to see what may work best for our community,” said Public Works Director Adriana Figueroa. “It was through our forward-thinking approach that we detected PFAS very early on, and we chose to take Well 14 offline as a precaution until we can identify a long-term treatment solution.”

Paramount now conducts quarterly testing for PFAS for Well 14, and results for the quarterly sampling are posted to the Water Reports & Test Results page. The City continues to provide safe, healthy, reliable drinking water to residents through wells 13, 15 and additional imported water sources. While Well 14 has been offline, the City has taken the opportunity to complete required preventive maintenance on the well.

Paramount staff anticipate presenting City Council with a report on PFAS treatment options within the next few months.

For additional information, please visit the PFAS page on the City of Paramount’s Environmental Information Portal.

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