Paramount Environmental Information Portal is Launched

The City of Paramount has launched a new community resource website for information about environmental quality concerns in town. The website, located at, is a centralized source of information, updates, and links to primary data sources designed to help consolidate answers on a range of questions that residents and businesses have asked the City about.

“Environmental regulation in California is complex with several agencies at the local and State level involved in specific aspects of the environment,” said Daryl Hofmeyer, Mayor of Paramount. “The City Council wanted to ensure transparency and that accurate information was available to all members of the community. This website is just one aspect of a series of steps the City has taken to respond to the environment issues raised recently by SCAQMD’s discovery of elevated hexavalent chromium levels in the community.”

With numerous environmental and health agencies working to respond to questions and concerns in the City, the goal of the website is to provide a single source of information customized to the residents of Paramount. Key features of the site include:

  • A frequently asked questions section.
  • Itemization of online articles covering environmental issues in the City.
  • Links to primary data resources.
  • Updates from the City that address breaking news.
  • A centralized calendar that consolidates key events happening related to environmental issues in the City.
  • A simple to use form that allows residents to reach out to City Staff to ask questions about environmental matters in the City.
  • Integrated Google Translate for a Spanish Language conversion of the website’s content.

While the City is legally prevented from regulating the environmental matters that have recently been raised, it also recognizes it can play an important role in helping to explain the activities of regulating authorities. This website is a key component of the City’s efforts to empower its residents with information and ensure transparency.

Paramount, California is nationally known for its successful transformation from blighted suburb to a well-run city with an attractive business climate and quality of life. Located at the gateway to the Los Angeles metropolis, the municipality has earned numerous state and federal awards for its innovative strategic planning and investment in capital improvements. Today, Paramount is a business-friendly, growing community of landscaped boulevards, enhanced police service, parks, recreation programs, affordable housing, public art, and tree-lined neighborhoods with white picket fences. For more information, visit

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