New Rules Aid Air Quality in Paramount

In a move supported by the Paramount City Council and active voices in the Paramount community, the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s Governing Board today adopted a measure that will reduce metal particulate emissions, some of which are air toxic contaminants, from metal grinding and metal cutting operations at forging facilities. The new rule has been commonly known as Rule 1430 and has been of particular concern to the residents of Paramount. For full details on the rule, follow this link to the SCAQMD staff report on the rule.

The rule will require 22 businesses in SCAQMD’s four-county jurisdiction to begin compliance activities immediately; Carlton Forge Works, Weber Metals, Press Forge, and Mattco Forge are included in this number. The rule was developed with input from community and business representatives.

“The City of Paramount applauds the action of the SCAQMD Board to adopt Rule 1430 today. The rule will apply to several businesses in our community and will result in healthier air when it is implemented and businesses are complying. The City is particularly pleased that the rule addresses grinding operations near residences and schools,” said Paramount Mayor Daryl Hofmeyer. “I thank the active voices in our community, city staff and my fellow council members who spoke out in support of this new rule. There is more work to do, but this is a great win for the Paramount community.”

Currently, metal grinding and cutting operations are exempt from SCAQMD permits, and as such, operations are currently an unregulated source category. Rule 1430 will prohibit metal forging facilities from conducting outdoor metal grinding and metal cutting operations.

The rule requires emissions from metal grinding and cutting operations to be properly vented to air pollution control equipment and that these operations be conducted within a building enclosure. Furthermore, the facility must implement housekeeping measures to minimize fugitive emissions.

“Over the past few years we have learned a great deal about the metal forging industry and the need to quickly address emissions from these types of operations,” said Wayne Nastri, SCAQMD’s executive officer. “This rule requires facilities to take immediate action, helping to protect public health from exposure to toxic metals in all areas of our region.”

The rule includes contingency measures that an owner or operator of a metal forging facility would be required to implement if SCAQMD receives four confirmed odor complaints within a consecutive six-month period.

Rule 1430 went into effect upon adoption.

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