Air Monitor Map

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) has placed monitors around various points in the City of Paramount. The locations of these monitors are depicted below, along with locations of surrounding schools and emitters. Emitters on this map are defined as businesses that are required to have a permit issued by SCAQMD as a result of their operations emitting some form of air pollution that must be regulated by the District.

*To view more data and locations of monitors or emitters, please zoom the map out. If you would like to toggle certain data or location layers on or off, please click the icon in the top left hand corner of the map toolbar to do so.

Each of these locations has sampling data associated with the location. This data is published by the SCAQMD on their website once the test results have been reviewed and validated. This usually happens within seven days of the sample being taken. Click here to view this data.

Sampling is done on a three day cycle: Day one – new sample cycle is prepared, Day two – sampling period happens, Day three – the sample is gathered and returned to the lab for analysis. As a result, we essentially get a new sample reading every three days.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, SCAQMD has modified their air monitoring operations. For more information, visit:

Last Updated: 4/23/2020