City Issues Permits to 17 Metal-Related Businesses with Plans to Inspect Facilities

The City of Paramount has issued Administrative Action permits to all 17 metal-related businesses in town following in-depth reviews of their application packages. 

The permits are required by the City for metal-related businesses as recommended by the City Council Air Quality Sub Committee formed in 2016 to review air quality cases. Through the permitting process, the City gains a clear understanding of a business’s operations and strengthens community partnership on air quality matters in Paramount.

Following the issuance of the permits, the City, AQMD, and the L.A. County Fire Department will conduct inspections of each metal-related facility. These inspections are currently projected to be conducted virtually in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines.  

In addition to requiring Administrative Actions for metal-related businesses, the City has taken the following steps based upon the Air Quality Sub Committee’s recommendations:

  • Eliminated outdated industrial uses.
  • Increased Planning Commission and City Council public hearing notifications for conditional use permits, zone variances, and zone changes.
  • Added rear- and side-yard setback requirements in industrial zones to provide buffers to surrounding areas.
  • Required metal-related businesses to perform yearly public outreach.
  • Ensured that public notification is required for metal-related businesses who have received a conditional use permit to expand.

Additional information will be coming soon about public meetings regarding the Administrative Action permits. Please continue to visit for details.

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